Creator / Writer / Producer / “Grace”

OM CITY is the critically acclaimed, award-winning original series that follows the harried life of Grace ( Jessie Barr), a yoga teacher in NYC and her attempts to bring the humans of New York OM. 


OM CITY was created by the award winning, critically acclaimed husband-and-wife team Jessie Barr and Tom O'Brien. Jessie and Tom are both actors and filmmakers as well as yoga teachers. Actor / writer / director, Tom O'Brien (Manhattan Romance & Fairhaven) directs the series and actor / writer / director Jessie Barr (Sophie Jones & Too Long at the Fair) stars as  "Grace" and produces the series with Tom O'Brien and Massoumeh Emami.


  • * Won Best Web Series at the 2018 New Media Film Festival

  • New York Times TV Critic's Pick

  • Top Pick for "Web to Watch" - USA Today

  • Vimeo Staff Pick

  • 2018 New Media Film Festival Selection

  • 2016 Tribeca Film Festival Selection

  • 2016 Independent Television Festival Selection

  • * Won Best Web Series of 2015 - Decider.com

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 "What makes OM City really gel is Jessie Barr’s performance. Barr is like a toned-down Sarah Silverman and makes Grace an incredibly likable character that you can't help but root for."- The Culture Files

"No web show blew me away quite like Om City did this year. Not only is the clever yoga dramedy heartwarming and refreshing, but its production value rivals even the biggest budget online productions the web has to offer."- Decider

"Heartfelt and hilarious...Between Barr’s gal-next-door appeal and the series’ superb production value and soundtrack — not to mention its slew of guest stars, including Chris Messina, Maryann Plunket, Mike Godere, and James Waterston — it wouldn’t be surprising to see Om City picked up as a longer form series in the very near future. At the end of Season One’s seven episodes, we’re reminded why cable networks (a la HBO and High Maintenance) are adopting these short form gems as their own." - Decider

"Equal parts funny, charming and real..." - Yoganonymous


Created by Jessie Barr & Tom O'Brien

Written by Jessie Barr & Tom O'Brien

Produced by Jessie Barr, Tom O'Brien & Massoumeh Emami

Directed by Tom O'Brien

Director of photography Scott Miller & Dennis Rainaldi

Edited by Matthew C. Levy & Nick Houy